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2018 December Update

For your information, we’ve updated the master up to 20181219-135749 patch fix.

  • BrandMeister 20181219-135749
    • Integration with Registry moved to tarantool’s push messages
    • Added new event type – Initialize, implemented at FastForward and Wires-X
    • Changed format of connect call of WIRES-X on D-BUS and Registry
    • Added support of Open DMR Terminal Protocol
    • Improved CloudClient (required to support FCM)
    • Added CUSTOM_LIST_TERMINAL to getCustomList on D-BUS
    • Added list of connected terminals – /status/terminal.php
    • Added support of Open DMR Terminal to common.js
    • Added support of RPTG message for MMDVM
    • Improved timings of DBusCore
    • Updated activation service
    • Fixed issue of reconnection to Mosquitto
    • Fixed security issues on KAIROS External Server and External Application
    • Extended syntax of function at ScriptEngine (check Core.lua for changes)
    • Added Lua Console plug-in and utility
    • Added new parameter to main configuration – data directory
    • Added new configuration file Data/console.json
  • Registry 20181219-140320
    • Tarantool 1.10 is required!!!
    • Event Queue replaced with Fiber.Channel
    • ActionList was replaced with push messages
    • CallDirector and Resetter moved to push messages
    • Added support of TokenService to support PUSH for Open DMR Terminal
    • WiresDirector published for the first time, new plug-in respond to connect to Wires-X Directory servers
    • Added WiresX.lua framework to connect to WIRES-X directory servers
    • RASGrabber fixed and added to public release
    • Improved detection of locally connected nodes
    • Added support of event ‘Initialize’
  • BrandMeister 20181007-062936
    • Fixed several bugs
    • Removed section DV4miniSupport of generic.json

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