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2019 April Update

For your information, we’ve updated the master up to 20190401-183841 patch fix.

  • BrandMeister 20190401-183841
    • Tested RDMA implememntation 🙂
    • Improved search on HashMaps
    • Added APRS-IS keep-alive tracking
    • Added default location setting to cBridge Link configuration
    • Added work-around to support ALINCO GPS
    • Added support of integration to SystemFusion’s IMRS
  • Registry 20190401-184655
    • Added automated resolution of WIRES-X directory server addresses
    • Some work-arounds from Stefan to run on Debian 9 with OpenSSL 1.1
  • BrandMeister 20190305-124855
    • Fixes and improvements
  • BrandMeister 20190301-073700
    • Updated .ambe for English (thanks to @stefansaraev)
    • Fixes and improvements
    • Added D-BUS introspection
    • Added support of AMBE3003 (and all derives such USB-3012)
    • Added filtering of calls from OpenBridge
    • Many changes in embedded signalling
    • Improvements in RoIP-signalling for Hytera PDC760
    • Added subscription for Group Messages to PoC Terminals (no broadcasting anymore)
    • Added support of resampling to AutoPatch
  • Registry 20190301
    • Fixes and improvements
    • Additions to support features of BrandMeister 20190301-073700
  • BrandMeister 20190122-074615
    • Added new AMBE files for Spanish
    • Optimized several D-BUS calls
    • Added support of D-BUS introspection
    • Removed usage of D-BUS introspection from all .php
    • Changed syntax of D-BUS’s getCustomList and corresponding .php
    • Fixed issue of connecting KAIROS Repeaters
    • Fixed issue of call to 4000 (disconnect active group)
  • Registry 20190108-203205
    • fixed handleSystemEvent
    • replicatord does not depend on hardcoded space ids anymore

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