2018 April Update

For your information, we’ve updated the master up to 20180410-224749 patch fix. BrandMeister 20180407-192434 Fixed problem with receive of BER from MMDVM Fixed issues with list.php on some masters BrandMeister 20180329-073815 Changes in D-BUS API to stabilize handling of list.php and status.php Fixed bug in Locks.js Registry 20180329 Added handling […]

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2018 March Update

For your information, we’ve updated the master up to 20180320-164502 patch fix. BrandMeister 20180320-164502 Fixed bug in APRS speed formatting Significantly improved performance of list.php and status.php Fixed crashing by Parrot on machines having non-stable CPU load Added context protection policy, protected context flag added to some link types such as Layer4, Parrot, LoopBack […]

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Datacenter Schedule Maintenance

There will be a 1 hour ( 2018-03-15 21:30 UTC – 2018-03-14 22:30 UTC ) maintenance window at the datacenter to perform upgrade and security patches. During this period you might experience drop calls/high losses from the master server . Regards, DMRnet Sysop

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2018 January Update

Master server has been updated to 20180119-141110 patch fix BrandMeister 20180119-100237 Added change to force DMR->D-STAR transcoding on custom version of XLX BrandMeister 20180116-121244 Fixed bug of (non-)negative temperature values on monitor for Motorola RDAC Changed MMDVM models interpretation at Web status pages Added AGC preprocessing to outbound PCM audio stream […]

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2017 November Update

Master server has been updated to 20171115-195656 patch fix BrandMeister 20171115-195656 Fixed issue of SIGFAULT on TG ToT timer Fixed issue of loading AMBE voice files on systems with XFS BrandMeister 20171108-121824 Fixed decoding of Talker Alias with 16-bit encoding Fixed bug of APRS acknowledgement Added extra check of APRS […]

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Launching of DMRNET 5021

We’ve approached Brandmeister for approval of setting a regional server for Malaysia and after few rounds of discussion finally the application is approved. We proud to present you DMRNET, an amateur digital mobile radio network powered by Brandmeister. This is a small step for Malaysia amateur digital radio operator which interested […]

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