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2018 January Update

Master server has been updated to 20180119-141110 patch fix

  • BrandMeister 20180119-100237
    • Added change to force DMR->D-STAR transcoding on custom version of XLX
  • BrandMeister 20180116-121244
    • Fixed bug of (non-)negative temperature values on monitor for Motorola RDAC
    • Changed MMDVM models interpretation at Web status pages
    • Added AGC preprocessing to outbound PCM audio stream of AutoPatch
    • Added support of XLX Interlink
  • BrandMeister 20180105-211531
    • Fixed bug of passing tag via LoopBack on early media (Cluster and XTG were affected in some cases)
    • Updated API declarations to support upcoming features
    • Refactored processing of call routing
    • Improved logging of call routing
    • Minor fixes in REST API and status pages
  • Registry 20180105-211645
    • Updated API declarations to support upcoming features
    • Added API to validate connecting equipment
    • Improved error logging
  • Registry 20171224-205209
    • Fixes for LH collector
  • Registry 20171120
    • Extended memtx memory allocation to 512MB
    • Added new interface function checkEquipment

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