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2017 November Update

Master server has been updated to 20171115-195656 patch fix

  • BrandMeister 20171115-195656
    • Fixed issue of SIGFAULT on TG ToT timer
    • Fixed issue of loading AMBE voice files on systems with XFS
  • BrandMeister 20171108-121824
    • Fixed decoding of Talker Alias with 16-bit encoding
    • Fixed bug of APRS acknowledgement
    • Added extra check of APRS source call for proper format
  • BrandMeister 20171029-191416
    • Added support of Abell R-80 Repeater
    • Fixed different stuff in systemd configuration files
    • Fixed RSSI calculation for old repeater firmwares by Motorola
    • Changed on-demaid routing, groups bellow 90 are restricted to on-demand subscribe
    • Added support of presence query (radio check) for Motorola (ARS) and Hytera (RRS) radios
    • Added support of message acknowledgement to APRS messages at embedded APRSGate
    • Added support of direct queries ?APRSP and ?APRSS at embedded APRSGate
    • Added support of translation presence to APRS status at embedded APRSGate
    • Added support of presence query at MQTT API
    • Changed APRS TO-CALL from generic to officially assigned
    • Improved routing of some Motorola CSBKs
    • Added logging of route creator
  • Registry 20171019
    • Renumbered space IDs
    • Added new plug-in MultiLock.lua to reduce amount of calls benween BrandMeister and Tarantool

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