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2018 July Update

For your information, we’ve updated the master up to 20180626-084057 patch fix

  • BrandMeister 20180626-084057
    • Fixed incorrect subscription search on unsubscribe or context removal at EasyRegistry (internal subscriptions)
    • Fixed incorrect message search at cache of Motorola TMS and PoC Terminal stacks
    • Fixed SEGFAULT on expired sessions of PDC760
    • Improved keep-alive transmissions for PDC760
  • BrandMeister 20180620-191336
    • BIG update for Hytera PDC760 connected over IP
      • Improved CPU usage
      • Improved response time to signalling messages
      • Improved re-registration procedure
      • Fixed configuration of registration expiration
      • Added support of incoming group messages from APRS and MQTT
      • Added support of in-call GPS (have to be configured at self-care)
      • Added support of periodic GPS (have to be configured at self-care)
    • Added D-BUS management for XLX

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