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2018 September Update

For your information, we’ve updated the master up to 20180902-103945 patch fix.

  • Registry 20180806-184639
    • Updated script
    • Added to the package
  • BrandMeister 20180730-081012
    • Improved algorithm of JitterBuffer
    • Improved auto-reconnection to Tarantool
    • Refactored implementation of FastForward:
      • Removed support of connection management over UDP
      • Added support of 0-latency communications over UNIX-sockets, VM-societs and RDMA (not fully tested yet)
    • Changed the way to start: please use systectl <start/stop/restart> brandmeister@default
    • Moved setting of CPU affinity from .service to BrandMeister.conf
    • Extended HTTP/REST interface
    • Removed script
  • Registry 20180730
    • Added support of new transports of FastForward
    • Added option to override connections to other masters
    • Added support of user-based subscriptions (usable for DAPNET Gate)
  • Registry 20180717-074645
    • Added Registry resync script
  • BrandMeister 20180712-062556
    • Improved Hytera PDC760 signalling
    • Added splitting of incoming SMS messages for Hytera PDC760
    • Added DAPNET Gate
  • Registry 20180712-064547
    • Requires resync of Registry
    • Fixed support of cross-master private call routing
    • Added support of DAPNET Gate and group SMS roaming
    • Updated script to add all permissions

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